Cudlino - Hip-Hop artist/Performer/Founder & CEO of Bear Klan Entertainment

Cudlino is an American songwriter and touring hip-hop artist/entertainer with ASCAP.  He is also the Founder/CEO of Bear Klan Entertainment (ASCAP). Mixing in his past struggles and successes; he conveys a message of better days and good times for those who fight through their struggles. Never allowing anything to get in-between his dreams, he confronts the hardships and challenges of life. He enjoys having a good time; as well as creating songs that provide "food for thought" messages with a beat that makes a music-lover vibe.

Cudlino has opened up shows for national touring artists such as iYaz, Lil Flip, Project Pat, Absent from Clover G’s, Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Denim White, and DJ Abilities of Rhymesayers. Cudlino was featured in Music Now Magazine, Rude Boy Magazine, and Hip-Hop Stardom 101 Magazine as an up and coming hip-hop artist on the rise. He has also been featured on blogs such as This Is 50, RBL Magazine, Rude Boy Lifestyle, as well as other online blogs.

With over 60k supporters on social media, Cudlino’s buzz is continuously growing. The music video for All Night Long reached over 60k views, and still rising. Cudlino released his secondary EP called “California Dreamin'” through Bear Klan Entertainment on July 8, 2016. He co-headlined the Elevated Minds Tour (volumes 1 and 2) with Minneapolis hip-hop artist Dee Bomb in 2016 and 2017, which both focused on the midwest region of the USA. They are looking forward to a spring, summer, and fall tour in 2018. Cudlino is currently a sponsored artist of Colorful Sin Tattoo/Clothing and Rude Boy Clothing.


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